Position Descriptions 

 Position:           PAB Certification Committee Member


Requires familiarity with Society's strategic goals and their implementation by
this Program Board.

Experience in this Program Board Committees is recommended.

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The Certification Committee plans, directs, and administers the certification programs offered by the IEEE Computer Society. The Certification Committee maintains test materials, administers the recertification program, identifies topic areas not covered by the certification examination, recommends necessary changes to existing examinations, and recommends termination or development of the examination. The committee also reviews the certification programs once every four years.

Follow the Program Board Handbook to recommend, evaluate, initiate, and nurture programs, products, and services to serve our members and their employers, within the budget.


Carry out other delegated and assigned responsibilities
Support Chair of this Committee


By the Chair of this Committee


One calendar year.  Typically for two terms with possible reappointment by next Chair


Requires travel to participate in two meetings per year
Minimum 4 teleconferences per year.
On average, will require 2 – 5 hours / week responding to emails and action items


If employer can not cover your travel costs, request budget to cover travel
costs reimbursement.