Scope of TSC

IEEE Transactions on Services Computing (TSC) is a scholarly archival journal published quarterly that will emphasize the algorithmic, mathematical, statistical and computational methods that are central in services computing; the emerging field of Service Oriented Architecture, Web Services, Business Process Integration, Solution Performance Management, Services Operations and Management. Specifically, this new title covers but not limited to the following topics:

  • Mathematical foundation of Services Computing;
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA);
  • Service creation, development, and management;
  • Linkage between IT services and business services;
  • Web services security and privacy;
  • Web services agreement and contract;
  • Web services discovery and negotiation;
  • Web services management;
  • Web services collaboration;
  • Quality of Service for Web services;
  • Web services modeling and performance management;
  • Solution frameworks for building service-oriented applications;
  • Composite Web service creation and enabling infrastructures;
  • Business and scientific applications using Web services and SOA;
  • Business process integration and management using Web Services;
  • Standards and specifications of Services Computing;
  • Utility Models and Solution Architectures;
  • Resource acquisition models in Utility Computing;
  • Mathematical foundation of business process modeling, integration and management;
  • Business process modeling, integration, and collaboration.

It is noted that only Web service-oriented Grid computing will be covered by Services Computing. Services Computing does not cover most of the topics in traditional Grid computing areas (i.e. computing resource sharing and parallel computing).

Please be sure to visit the TSC Taxonomy List for additional information with the submission and review process.

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