ToH celebrates its 5th anniversary!

We asked editorial board members to reflect on ToH's past 5 years. Below is what they had to say.


“I am told that plans for the IEEE Transactions on Haptics were hatched on a July evening in Paris, during the 2006 Eurohaptics conference. The setting was a dinner cruise on the Seine and the people around the table were typical of the haptics community: trained as roboticists, psychologists, computer scientists, and rehabilitation engineers. It was an auspicious beginning for the journal which was launched only a year later by the IEEE. Now as ToH celebrates its fifth birthday, there are many more people around the table, but the diversity remains. That coming together of disparate crafts, intellectual traditions, research methodologies, has come to be a hallmark of ToH. Equally characteristic of the ToH community is an intense commitment to quality. I have witnessed this over and over again in beautiful papers, meticulous reviews, and thoughtful editorial work … what a pleasure it is to be part of such a dedicated community! I'd like to extend my thanks and hearty congratulations to everyone who has made this past five years possible, and my wishes for many more years of publishing the best haptics research.”

—J. Edward Colgate, Editor-in-Chief


“Congratulations to the Fifth Anniversary of IEEE Transactions on Haptics!

From the very beginning when a Technical Committee on Haptics (TCH) was founded by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society in 2006 and was co-sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society, there was the idea of having an interdisciplinary scientific journal. Other co-sponsoring societies were found: IEEE Consumer Electronics Society (CE) and IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. This made the critical mass that led to the first issue of a new journal in 2008: the IEEE Transactions on Haptics. Since then, we have published 14 issues, three of which were special issues/special sections, with 84 articles of extraordinary quality.

What I like very much is the interdisciplinary character of the journal. Not only closed communities use it for publishing but also experts from related fields. In 2011, the first special session on Haptics in Consumer Electronics was presented at the IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics, the leading conference of the CE Society. A joint call for papers allowed authors to submit to TCE or ToH and present their work to the CE community in order to create new networks between CE and Haptics. Publications can be found in the upcoming January-March issue of ToH.

I am looking forward to a further growth of our joint journal until the next anniversary in five years. Thanks to all authors, editors and readers for making the journal this success!”

—Reinhard Moeller, CE Society liaison to IEEE Transactions on Haptics, Speaker of IEEE Transactions on Haptics MC


“Congratulations, ToH, on your fifth anniversary! I am honored to have been involved in the founding of the journal and service through membership on the editorial board. I have learned so much from my colleagues, especially Ed Colgate, who steers the journal with enthusiasm, integrity, graciousness. It has been thrilling to see ToH become the source of some of the most interesting and high-impact results in the field of haptics. Looking forward to an exciting future with this vibrant research community!”

—Allison Okamura


“A quarter-century ago, haptics research was essentially the province of behavioral scientists and neurophysiologists. The entry of engineers into the field transformed it into a truly inter-disciplinary endeavor, and the founding of ToH five years ago was a natural outgrowth of the emergent community. ToH doesn't just report on the work of haptics researchers -- through its editors, reviewers, and authors, the journal plays an important role in shaping the field. I am proud to have helped in its creation.”

—Roberta Klatzky


“Congrats to ToH on this important milestone! The journal is now the publication of record for a technological field that still has unbounded paths to charter.”

—Richard Adams, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist, BARRON ASSOCIATES, INC.


“Five years of dissemination of truly interdisciplinary and novel knowledge about the science and technology of touch -- Congratulations!”

—Seungmoon Choi


“What a joyful ride … It is a great pleasure to see that haptics has evolved so much over a relatively short period of time to become “stand-alone” research area. Obviously, the IEEE Transactions on Haptics is a major milestone of this progress. With the birth of the journal in 2008 under IEEE umbrella, the field has gained its well-deserved recognition and the journal has quickly become the principal forum for the haptic scholars to present their new research results and convey their new ideas to a larger audience. I personally enjoy so much working in this truly interdisciplinary research area, being part of the community, and contributing to the journal.”

—Prof. Cagatay Basdogan, Robotics and Mechatronics Laboratory, College of Engineering, Koc University


“Congratulation to ToH for surviving the first 5 years, looking forward to continuing success as the field grows.”

—William Harwin


IEEE Transactions on Haptics is a journal that addresses the problem of over-specialization in modern science. By informing engineers about sensory, motor and cognitive processes that play a central role in haptics and by describing the latest haptic technologies to experimental psychologists and neuroscientists, it encourages the collaboration between different scientific and engineering communities and it provides a unique venue for the publication of this research. As a reader of IEEE Transaction on Haptics, I am thankful and appreciative of the many articles describing research that benefits from this cross-fertilization between these disciplines. For all these reasons, I would like to congratulate IEEE Transactions on Haptics for its fifth anniversary.”

—Gabriel Baud-Bovy, Assistant Professor at the faculty of psychology of the Vita-Salute San Raffale University of Milan, Italy, and Researcher at the Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Science Department of the Italian Institute of Technology of Genoa, Italy


“Congratulations on five years of helping haptics engineers and perception researchers find and learn from each other! I wish you many more years of scientific excellence.”

—Wouter Bergmann Tiest, Utrecht University


“Congratulations on five years of a truely interdisciplinary perspective on the science of haptics.”

—Knut Drewing


“Congratulations ToH on the 5th anniversary! Undoubtedly, you've uplifted the sense of belonging within the membership of our haptic community ”

—Keyvan Hashtrudi-Zaad