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From the October-December 2015 issue

Enhancing the Performance of Passive Teleoperation Systems via Cutaneous Feedback

By Claudio Pacchierotti, Asad Tirmizi, Gianni Bianchini, Domenico Prattichizzo

Free Featured ArticleWe introduce a novel method to improve the performance of passive teleoperation systems with force reflection. It consists of integrating kinesthetic haptic feedback provided by common grounded haptic interfaces with cutaneous haptic feedback. The proposed approach can be used on top of any time-domain control technique that ensures a stable interaction by scaling down kinesthetic feedback when this is required to satisfy stability conditions (e.g., passivity) at the expense of transparency. Performance is recovered by providing a suitable amount of cutaneous force through custom wearable cutaneous devices. The viability of the proposed approach is demonstrated through an experiment of perceived stiffness and an experiment of teleoperated needle insertion in soft tissue.

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