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Partha Pratim Pande Named EIC of TMSCS

We're pleased to announce that Partha Pratim Pande, professor at Washington State University, has accepted the position of inaugural Editor-in-Chief.

Transactions on Multi-Scale Computing Systems (TMSCS) Scope

The IEEE Transactions on Multi-Scale Computing Systems (TMSCS) is a peer-reviewed publication devoted to computing systems that exploit multi-scale and multi-functionality. These systems consist of computational modules that utilize diverse implementation scales (from micro down to the nano scale) and heterogeneous hardware and software functionalities; moreover, these modules can be based on operating principles and models that are valid within but not necessarily across their respective scales and computational domains. Contributions to TMSCS must address computation of information and data at higher system-levels for processing by digital and emerging domains. These computing systems can also rely on diverse frameworks based on paradigms at molecular, quantum and other physical, chemical and biological levels. Innovative techniques such as inexact computing, management/optimization of smart infrastructures and neuromorphic modules are also considered within scope.

This publication covers pure research and applications within novel topics related to high performance computing, computational sustainability, storage organization and efficient algorithmic information distribution/processing; articles dealing with hardware/software implementations (functional units, architectures and algorithms), multi-scale modeling and simulation, mathematical models and designs across multiple scaling domains and functions are encouraged. Novel solutions based on digital and non-traditional emerging paradigms are sought for improving performance and efficiency in computation. Contributions on related topics would also be considered for publication.

Call for Papers

Special Issue on Wearables, Implants, and Internet of Things

Submission deadline: April 30, 2015. View PDF.

Recent years have seen an explosion of deeply embedded, smart, and highly connected computing devices in diverse form factors. In particular, wearable and implants technologies, and Internet of Things (IoT) have made significant forays into nearly all aspects of our life. With advances in technology, design of new and advanced sensors, pervasive connectivity, and the trend in business towards cloud-driven data-centric solutions, the future is projected to see an even higher proliferation of systems comprising of such devices that coordinate through cloud to solve complex, distributed tasks. Commensurate with computing capability, the applications have also scaled in complexity by several factors, e.g., from smart phones to smart cities. This special issue targets comprehensive coverage of research issues related to wearables, implants, and IoT.

Special Issue on Emerging Memory Technologies – Modeling, Design, and Applications for MultiScale Computing

Submission deadline: June 30, 2015. View PDF.

Emerging memory technologies have demonstrated a great potential on improving many aspects of present-day and future memory hierarchy, offering high integration density, large capacity, close-to-zero standby power, and good resilience to soft errors. The recent technology progress of various emerging memories, such as phase change memory, spintronic memory, resistive memory (memristor) and ferroelectric memory etc., is due to attracted tremendous investments from both academia and industry. Besides developing robust and scalable devices, the unique characteristics of these emerging memories, such as read-write asymmetry, stochastic programming behavior, and the tradeoffs among performance, power, and data retention, etc., introduce plenty of opportunities and challenges for novel circuit designs, architectures, system organizations, and management strategies. There is an urgent need of modeling, analysis, design and application of emerging memory technologies across multiple technology scales to accelerate their technology development and adoption.

General Call for Papers

View PDF.

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