Topics within the scope of TMC include:


  • Mobile networks and host
  • Agents and proxies
  • Mobility management, mobile agent and proxy architectures
  • Integrated wireline and wireless systems
  • Planning and standardization

Support Services

  • Mobility and roaming
  • Nomadic computing
  • Multimedia
  • Operating system support
  • Power management

Algorithm/Protocol Design and Analysis

  • Online and mobile environments
  • Limited bandwidth
  • Intermittent connectivity

Mobile Environments

  • Data and knowledge management
  • Performance modeling and characterization
  • Security, scalability and reliability
  • Design, management and operation
  • Systems and technologies

Mobile Communication Systems

  • Wireless systems
  • Mobile internet
  • Mobile ad hoc networks
  • Impact of physical layer on upper layers
  • Cross-layer adaptation


  • Location-dependent and sensitive
  • Nomadic computing
  • Wearable computers and body area networks
  • Multimedia applications and multimedia signal processing
  • Pervasive computing
  • Wireless sensor networks

Emerging Technologies

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