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John W. Walz: October 2012

By now you should have received your ballot to vote for IEEE Computer Society leaders. We have made many exciting changes to expand member offerings in recent years, and it's vitally important that you cast your vote to make sure that the organization continues to serve your needs going forward.

Casting your vote is easy. First, visit the IEEE Computer Society election site to learn about the candidates. https://www.computer.org/portal/web/election

When you read the candidates bios, you will appreciate their high caliber and long service to the Society in many volunteer positions. I hope you consider volunteering for one or more of our program board or committee positions. You can find their descriptions and requirements by starting at http://www.computer.org/getinvolved and ending with your self-nomination web form.

This year's IEEE Computer Society election provides not only the opportunity to pick new officers but to vote on constitutional amendments. The biggest change is to the Society's purpose—in recognition of the many new efforts the organization has launched in recent years, wording is being added to include lifelong professional education and certification, standards, and technical and professional products and services to its scope.

Please take this opportunity to exercise your right as an IEEE Computer Society member and cast your vote. There are many challenges—and exciting opportunities ahead. So to be sure the IEEE Computer Society continues to be an organization that meets your needs, take a moment to learn more about the candidates and submit your ballot.

John W. Walz: June 2012

IEEE Computer Society President John W. Walz reports on issues being discussed during the Board of Governors and other meetings in Seattle this month.

Follow John on Twitter at @ieeeCSPresident.

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