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Sorel Reisman: Feb 2011 Blog


Greetings Everyone.

January has been a busy month for volunteers and staff as we have been preparing for the Board of Governors meetings that take place during the first week of the February.  All our boards—Professional Activities, Educational Activities, Standards, Publications, Technical and Conferences, and Membership—have put together their plans for 2011 and will be presenting them at these meetings. 

I too have prepared a report that addresses the initiatives that I described in the President's Message in the January issue of Computer magazine.  I have posted that report here so that you can see the progress we're making.  I have also included in the report some new activities that came up in January, which I think will be of value for Computer Society members and non-members alike.  I intend to update this 'progress report' as the year unfolds, adding additional information each month.

As a reminder, I’ve  launched a Twitter account: @ieeeCSPresident, and  I will be using it throughout the year to share my ideas, insights, and observations of events as they develop. Follow me by clicking here: Follow ieeeCSPresident on Twitter. You can also give me feedback on your ideas and thoughts by using the threaded discussions that we've provided on this website.

Please stay in touch.


Sorel Reisman, 2011 President