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Sorel Reisman: December 2011 blog

This is my final blog as 2011 President of the IEEE Computer Society, and I am going to miss the opportunities I've had to reach out, as president, to our global community of computing professionals. However, the compensating factor for me is that my good friend John Walz, our 2012 President, will be taking over to lead us next year. As I noted in my President's Message in the December 2011 issue of Computer, this has been the most remarkable year of my life. This year I have tried to introduce new ideas in the CS, most of which look like they are going to "stick," and for this I thank all the great volunteers with whom I have worked, and who have worked tirelessly on behalf of the CS.  My own reward has been that I have made more friends around the world in 2011, more than I could ever have imagined.

As we move into 2012, in my role as chair of the Intersociety Cooperation Committee (ICC), I will continue to develop new relationships for us with other societies such as the China Computer Federation, the Computer Society of India, and the ACM. As well, I will be focusing my volunteer activities on education—both within the CS, as our representative to ACM's Computing in the Core coalition, and as the IEEE Education Activities Board (EAB) representative to the IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB). I foresee 2012 being a bit more relaxed than 2011, but not by much!

Signing off and turning the camera and mic over to John Walz.  All the best to us in 2012.