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Sorel Reisman: August 2011 blog


For video aficionados, I have to warn you that this month's vblog is a home production. I am a little late posting it because I just returned home from Taiwan where I had the pleasure of visiting and briefing our many wonderful friends and associates there, on the current status and activities of the IEEE CS. Among those with whom I met, and with whom we will be seeking closer relationships are:

National I-Lan University; National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU); ITRI (Industry Technology Research Institute); IEEE Taipei Chapter, NTUST; Southern Taiwan (Tainan); National Cheng Kung University; IEE Tainan Chapter; National Taiwan University; and Tatung University. 

Since my last video, I also attended COMPSAC 2011 which had the theme: The Computed World: Software Beyond the Digital Society. If ever there was a vibrant IEEE CS community, this is it. (http://compsac.cs.iastate.edu/)

This month, the CACM and Computer magazine published a joint letter from the president of the ACM and from me, explaining our plans to develop new cooperative activities between our two societies. We are now soliciting ideas and suggestions via direct email to us, or on our new Message Board at http://cooperation.computer.org. You can post anonymous messages there, or you can just see what our colleagues are saying. If you visit the site, you will see the following message, regarding our plans, as of this month:

ACM and IEEE Computer Society Colleagues

We are posting this message to provide feedback to everyone who contributed/viewed messages posted to this Message Board so that you will know that we are following up on your suggestions. We are now collecting and categorizing all your input in preparation for a meeting that we and our senior staff have scheduled at ACM headquarters in New York on September 22. At that meeting we will begin to explore the feasibility of implementing the ideas that we are now collecting.

After the meeting we will report back to you in detail, the results of our deliberations. As we said in our original message to our members (in Computer magazine and the CACM), we are firmly committed to extending our current cooperative activities, as well as exploring new ones.

Thank you all for your input to date, and please continue to send us your comments and suggestions.

Presidents Alain Chenais (ACM) and Sorel Reisman (IEEE Computer Society)

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