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Sorel Reisman: June 2011 blog

We have recently concluded our May Board of Governors meetings in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where Board members reported on many new projects that will eventually become benefits of belonging to the Computer Society.  In the attached President’s Report, I have described the progress we’ve made towards goals I set in January, in the President’s Message in Computer magazine.  Among these are our relations with the ACM, outreach programs with our colleagues in India, progress towards reengaging the academic community, and more.  You can see a more complete description of the 15 projects/activities in the report.

Another project that I started this month is the creation of a new volunteer position called the Digital Storyteller.  The purpose of the DS is to develop a cohesive CS social networking strategy that better integrates the many CS-oriented, volunteer-driven, social networking sites in use today, around the world.  I’ll have more to report on this in future blogs.

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