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Sorel Reisman: March 2011 Blog


Under normal circumstances, the introduction to my monthly video blog would simply provide a brief synopsis of the issues I address in the video. The March video, however, was created under somewhat unusual circumstance, and in addition to the brief synopsis, the circumstances warrant a bit of explanation.

First the content: the Computer Society has a large set of disparate activities that focus on student members and student activities—ranging from elementary school, through to graduate levels. I have decided that we need a comprehensive strategy to organize these activities in a more synergistic fashion. The video explains how I hope to accomplish this.

Now for the circumstances of the video. If you watch the video, you'll see that it was shot outdoors, with the occasional crow drowning out my voice. In fact, the video was shot in the outdoor gardens of the Tokyo Sheraton Hotel on March 11, 2011, about 2 hours before I left for Narita airport to come home after speaking at the annual meeting of the Information Processing Society of Japan annual meeting, and also meeting with other Japanese colleagues during an 8 day visit to Japan. About 45 minutes after arriving at the airport, the country was hit by that incredible earthquake and even more incredible tsunami.

While those events caused me some personal discomfort and inconvenience, compared to the devastation that took place in Japan, my own circumstances were inconsequential. In a message I sent from Japan to the Computer Society Board of Governors, and one that I would like to share with you, our members, I said that we should be mindful of the horrible catastrophe that has befallen our Japanese friends and their families, and we should reach out to them in any way we can, to help them through this truly terrible time. Please consider ways that you might do this.