Welcome to the May edition of the PAMI-TC newsletter

This month's topics include:

1. Call for Proposals: CVPR 2017
2. Call for Motions: PAMI-TC Meeting at CVPR 2014
3. Call for Papers: ECCV 2014 Workshops
4. April IAPR Newsletter

*A special mid-month supplement to the newsletter covering the CVPR 2014
motions, including CVPR 2017 bids, will be sent in a few weeks.


Call for Proposals for CVPR 2017. Please send proposals to
rdz@cs.cornell.edu by May 15, 2014. The proposal should include the
following information: date, city, site, hotel, and half the team
details (general chairs, program chairs, local arrangements, and some
of the other members in charge of the program). If there will be a journal
special issue based on the award papers, details should be provided.
The team should contact the hotel/site to make sure the intended dates
are indeed available. Some estimate of meeting space and lodging costs
should be included. Please plan for over 1500 participants. While we very
much hope to get submissions, if no proposal is submitted by the deadline
the PAMI-TC executive committee will put together a team and venue.


Call for PAMI-TC Motions: There will be a PAMI-TC meeting at CVPR14.
Please send proposed motions to rdz@cs.cornell.edu by May 15, 2014.
We are now operating under the new PAMI-TC Bylaws, approved at
ICCV13 in December, and there will be a motion to revise the CVPR
charter to bring it into compliance with the bylaws.

Note that as usual the entire set of motions to be voted on, including the
CVPR 2017 bids, will be circulated to the PAMI-TC mailing list in advance
of the meeting. Voting will be conducted electronically at CVPR14 and will
be open to all registered attendees.


Call for Workshop Papers: ECCV 2014

The workshop schedule for ECCV 2014 has been posted:

Individual links to each workshop are beginning to appear; please consult
the above link for deadlines.


The April 2014 issue of the IAPR Newsletter is available at
[PDF] http://www.iapr.org/docs/newsletter-2014-02.pdf

0. From the Editor's Desk: Publish or Perish
2. Getting to Know... Xiaoyi Jiang, IAPR Fellow
3. IAPR...The Next Generation: Alexander Hermans
4. Unsolved Problems in PR
5. Can you help?
6. From the ExCo
7. Meeting Reports:
    ICIAP 2013, PSIVT 2013, ACPR 2013,
    LS/CMRT 2013, CIARP 2013, and PreMI 2013
8. Call for Bids to Host ICPR 2018
9. Book Reviews:
    Handbook of Iris Recognition and
    Principles of Digital Image Processing - Advanced Methods
10. Free Book Offers
11. Bulletin Board
12. Meeting and Education Planner