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PAMI TC EMAIL, April 2000

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Upcoming PAMI TC Conferences and Meetings
Proposals needed for CVPR-2003
Editor in chief for Transactions on PAMI
These are the major, community-wide meetings for the PAMI TC that
are currently scheduled:
   CVPR-2000 June 13-15 2000 at Hilton Head, South Carolina
   ICPR-2000 September 3-8 2000 at Barcelona, Spain
   CAMP-2000 September 11-13, 2000 Padova, Italy.
   WACV-2000 December 4-6, Palm Springs, CA
   Human Motion workshop December 7-8, Austin, TX
   ICCV-2001 July 9-12, 2001 at Vancouver, British Columbia
   CVPR-2001 December 11-13, 2001 at Hawaii
   ICPR-2002 August 11-15 2002 at Quebec City, Quebec
   ICCV-2003 in Beijing, China
For details on these and many more see:

The next PAMI-TC Meeting will be held
Tuesday June 13, 2000 at CVPR. Location and exact time TBD.
CVPR 03 proposals will be discussed and voted on at this meeting.

Suggestions for other agenda items -- workshops, etc. to

CVPR00 -- June 13-15 2000 at Hilton Head, South Carolina

The schedule and registration will be available soon at:


The IEEE Computer Society is seeking nominations and applications
for the  position of the Editor-in-Chief  (EIC) of the IEEE Transactions
on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI) for the publication
years 2001 and 2002. The EIC position is a  two-year  appointment
made by the President of the Computer Society.  An EIC may be reappointed
for a second and final two-year term after review.

The Transactions on PAMI publishes archival papers in all areas of
machine vision, machine intelligence, and pattern recognition.
Applicants must have strong relevant experience in a role such as

associate editor of PAMI or other journals, program chair for high
quality peer-reviewed conferences, etc. In order to attract high
quality papers to the journal, they must also be well recognized
leaders in their area of expertise.

Key qualities of the EIC are a good  understanding  of  the needs of
the research community at academic as well as industrial and government
laboratories,  awareness of changing emphasis in research areas and
development of emerging fields, plus the skills to manage the editorial
cycle in  a  timely  fashion. The EIC  must also be  able  to attract
respected experts to his/her editorial board.  The EIC must have good
interpersonal skills to maintain good rapport with authors, editors,
reviewers, and the Computer Society staff.


Prospective candidates are requested to provide a vitae,  a
vision  statement describing the candidate's vision of the future
of PAMI, and a letter of support from the candidate's
employer by April 10, 2000.  Electronic submission to the chairman
of the search committee ( in the form
of an ascii, pdf or ps file is strongly encouraged (files in
proprietary word processor format are not preferred).

The vision statement should include but is not  limited  to the
following:   Candidate's  vision of the field and its trends, assessment
of PAMI's present status,  plans for enhancing PAMI's value to the
authors and readers and managing the review process to guarantee
timely publication of manuscripts, and his/her experience relevant
to the EIC position,

The search committee:

Rangachar Kasturi, Penn State University (, Chair
Jake Aggarwal, University of Texas at Austin (
Kevin Bowyer, University of South Florida (
Jonathan Hull, Ricoh Silicon Valley (
Anil Jain, Michigan State University (
Rosalind Picard, MIT Media Lab (

Sallie Sheppard, VP Publications (, ex-officio,
Guylaine Pollock, President (, ex-officio, non-voting

Address for non-electronic mail:
Professor Rangachar Kasturi
Department of Computer science and Engineering
Penn State University
220 Pond Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802-6016, USA
Tel: +1 (814) 863-4254
Fax: +1 (814) 865-3176