TCMC Introduction TCMC Introduction

Through the technological advances in data acquisition, storage,
computing, and analysis, huge amounts of multimedia data have become
increasingly available and created new interesting technical
possibilities in a variety of applications. This makes multimedia
computing a very challenging and interesting field. Technical
Committee on Multimedia Computing (TCMC) was established to assist
researchers and practitioners in this field in promoting
multimedia computing research, technologies and applications. This
technical committee will provide technical advice on the full range
of multimedia research and development directions, challenges,
opportunities, emerging topics, and priorities.


TCMC will interact strongly with other IEEE societies in releted areas,
support existing and new multimedia conferences, and help to build
up premier and flagship IEEE multimedia conferences.

TCMC will identify effective ways to provide useful information to
members such as conferences, journal special issues, funding
opportunities, job opportunities, research groups, new
technologies, new tools, etc.

This committee will publicize TCMC activities and opportunities to attract
more people to join TCMC, especially graduate students and young
researchers. In particular, the TCMC will work with multimedia conference
organizers to have young researcher forum (including Ph.D. students) so
that they will have the opportunities to know their peer and also interact
with the leaders in this field.

This committee will also identify and recruit energetic volunteers and
recommend them to multimedia conferences as organizing committee members
and/or program committee members.

It is a mission of TCMC to promote and build up the collaborations between
academia and industries in multimedia computing. The Technical Committee
may also explore information exchange and educational opportunities with
interested organizations.

Questions, comments, and suggestions for the TCMC should be sent to the
current TCMC chair:

         Dr. Shu-Ching Chen
         Florida International University
         School of Computing and Information Sciences
         11200 SW 8th Street
         Miami, FL 33199, USA
         Tel: 305-348-3480
         Fax: 305-348-3549