December 2013 Newsletter December 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to December's edition of the IEEE-TCMC (Technical
Committee on Multimedia Computing) monthly mailing.

This month's topics include:

1. IEEE ICME'14 deadline extension
2. Industry news (Cisco's H.264 announcement, New version of the HLS protocol )

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IEEE ICME 2014 deadline extension!

The workshop proposal submission deadline is extended to
Dec. 15, 2013.

Paper submission deadlines are extended by one week.
The new abstract submission deadline is Dec 10, 2013
(23:59 Pacific Time). The new full paper submission deadline
is Dec 16, 2013 (23:59 Pacific Time). Please note these new
deadlines are FINAL.

Paper Submission Site is Now Open!

INDUSTRY NEWS (Contributed by Dr. Edwin Heredia)

Cisco's H.264 announcement:

The topic of video codecs has been a constant source of
contention in the HTML5 world. The standardized H.264 codec
has strong industry adoption, but its patent licensing
requirements impose severe constraints on the open source
community. Recently Cisco has stepped forward offering a
solution. Cisco has announced that they will release
high-quality open-source and binary versions of the codec
software for free. The licensing fees will be paid by Cisco and
not transferred to applications that use the software. Mozilla
has already announced that they will use Cisco's software to
provide H.264 support in the Firefox browser.

Although this initiative alleviates the video problem and
facilitates ubiquity of H.264 implementations, web discussions
on this announcement show that the more fundamental
question remains unanswered; that is, whether it is reasonable
for web standards to adopt patent-encumbered technologies
that limit implementation options for open web initiatives.

Link to the Cisco announcement:

New version of the HLS protocol:

Apple has published a new version of the HTTP Live
Streaming (HLS) protocol. HLS is a protocol used to deliver
segmented audiovisual streams at different bitrates over a
network. Apple has been publishing HLS specifications as an
IETF Internet Draft since 2009. As an Internet Draft, the
document is technically an informational contribution different
from documents on track to become industry standards. 

Despite this characterization, there is no doubt that HLS has
gained considerable industry support with many available
client and server implementations. The new version, identified
as document 12, protocol version 6, adds two new tags,
changes some of the attributes in previously available tags,
and adds multiple descriptive clarifications.

The new version of the protocol is available at:


Call for Papers

Eighth IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing


June 18th-20th, 2014, Newport Beach, CA, USA

Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society

The field of Semantic Computing addresses the derivation of
semantic information from content and the connection of
semantics to knowledge, where "content" may be anything
including structured data, video, audio, text, hardware,
software, process, etc.

The Eighth IEEE International Conference on Semantic
Computing (ICSC 2014) continues to foster the growth of a
new research community. The conference builds on the success
of the past ICSC conferences as an international forum for
researchers and practitioners to present research that
advances the state of the art and practice of Semantic
Computing, as well as identifying emerging research topics
and defining the future of the field. The event is located

in Irvine, California at Irvine Hyatt. The technical program
of ICSC 2014 includes workshops, invited keynotes, paper
presentations, panel discussions, industrial 'show and tells',
demonstrations, and more. Submissions of high-quality papers
describing mature results or ongoing work are invited.

The main goal of the conference is to foster the dialog between
experts in each sub-discipline. Therefore we especially encourage
submissions of work that is interesting to multiple areas, such
as multimodal approaches.

Please refer to the conference website for further information:

Areas of interest include:

Semantics based Analysis
- Natural language processing
- Image and video analysis
- Audio, music, and speech analysis
- Data and web mining
- Behavior of software, services, and networks
- Services and networks
- Security
- Privacy
- Analysis of social networks

Semantic Integration
- Metadata and other description languages
- Database schema integration
- Ontology integration
- Interoperability and service integration
- Semantic programming languages and software engineering
- Semantic system design and synthesis

Applications using Semantics
- Big data
- Search engines and question answering
- Semantic web services
- Content-based multimedia retrieval and editing
- Context-aware networks of sensors, devices, and applications
- Devices and applications
- Digital library applications
- Machine translation
- Music description and meta-creation
- Medicine and Biology
- GIS systems and architecture

Semantic Interfaces
- Natural language interfaces
- Multimodal interfaces and mediation technology
- Human centered computing


Regular Papers and Short Papers. 
Authors are invited to submit an 8-page (regular) or
4-page (short) technical paper manuscript in
double-column IEEE format following the guidelines
available on the ICSC20103 web page.

Demonstration Papers and Posters.
Authors are invited to submit an 2-page (demonstration
or poster) technical paper manuscript in double-column
IEEE format following the guidelines available on the
ICSC2014 web page.

Workshops and Special Sessions. 
The organizing committee invites proposals for workshops
and special sessions to be held in conjunction with the
conference. These will focus on specific topics of the
main conference. More information is available on the
ICSC2014 web page.

The Conference Proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer
Society Press. Distinguished quality papers presented at the
conference will be selected for publications in internationally
renowned journals.

Workshop Proposals: Dec. 15th, 2013
Regular Paper & Short Paper Submission: Feb. 15th, 2014
Demo Paper & Poster Paper Submission: Feb. 15th, 2014
Industry Paper Submission: Feb. 15th, 2014