TCuARCH Chair Candidate

Milos Prvulovic


Milos Prvulovic is a senior member of both IEEE and ACM, and is currently serving as a member of the Steering Committee for MICRO and as a member of the SIGMICRO executive committee. He has also recently served as a Program Co-Chair of MICRO 43 (Atlanta, 2010) and as a treasurer for ACM SIGMICRO (until 2010). He is an Associate Professor in the School of CS at Georgia Tech. He has received his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2003, and an NSF CAREER award in 2005. His research area is computer architecture and microarchitecture, with emphasis on support programmability, on-chip communication, reliability, and security in many-core architectures.


As a member of the TCuARCH community for more than a decade, a member of the SIGMICRO executive committee, and a member of the steering committee for the MICRO conference, I have seen first hand the vibrancy of our community and the quality of our conferences. However, I have also observed some opportunities for improvement for TCuARCH. These opportunities are mostly related to poor visibility to our members, to our prospective members, and to the broader engineering and scientific community.

If elected as the next TCuARCH chair, I plan to revitalize our website so our members can get accurate information about membership benefits, our activities, etc. I will also launch several membership initiatives and benefits, such as 1) providing a home for regular thematic competitions, organized along the lines of recent branch prediction and data prefetching championships, that are likely to create interest among students who tend to go to our conferences but are not yet TCuARCH members, 2) starting a newsletter to keep our members informed about the latest developments in TCuARCH, our conferences, etc., 3) social and technical events at specific university and local IEEE chapters, such as talks by prominent members of our community, to increase our visibility and promote membership and engagement in TCuARCH among students and industry practitioners, and 4) organizing opportunities for our members to contribute to a broader society, e.g. by creating a pool of volunteers that would be willing to occasionally give talks at local schools, community colleges, etc. Another immediate action that I will take is to form an executive committee to help carry out these initiatives and formulate new ones – my observation from SIGMICRO is that an initiative is much likely to flourish when the executive committee includes a "point" person who excited about that initiative.

To increase recognition of both our TC and our members in a broader community, I will actively pursue the creation and sponsorship or several new awards, especially for student and early-career TCuARCH members. Indirectly, this will also improve the stature of our entire community – the current scarcity of awards (relative to other research areas) makes our members look less deserving in comparison to equivalent-stature members of other communities.

Finally, I will continue and improve on the collaboration and joint initiatives between TCuARCH and SIGMICRO, which is absolutely necessary for the continued success of conferences such as MICRO and will be needed to eventually create high-profile awards sponsored by both IEEE and ACM.