2010 TCSIM Chair Candidate

Dave Cavalcanti


Position Statement

It was with great pleasure that I have accepted the nomination for a new tenure at TCSIM Chair. During the last three years as Chair I’ve worked together with you and started a transformation in the TCSIM with the goal of creating a more active and vibrant community. Some of our achievements include a new TCSIM website and LISTSERVICE mailing list to improve communications; new sponsored conferences; and a continuous program to promote the TCSIM and encourage student participation in conferences through TC awards and travel grants. Most importantly, with the help an enthusiastic editorial team and contributions from other members, we have created and established the TCSIM newsletter as a new vehicle for information sharing within the community. In fact, we have just increased the newsletter publication cycle to quarterly issues and we’ve been receiving very positive feedback from our members. I believe that the TCSIM is getting stronger as a technical community; therefore I’d like to count on your support to continue leading the TCSIM. Although we’ve made significant progress in the last few years, there is much more to be done. Some of the items I’d like to focus on the next period include: improve the TCSIM organization and increase the number of volunteers contributing to the TCSIM leadership team; create opportunities for more active member participation in the TCSIM agenda through Web-based tools and face to face interactions; continue supporting student members through travel grants and awards; adapt the TCSIM sponsored conference portfolio to include high quality events in a broader range of research areas related to simulation. Last but not least, I’ll promote the TCSIM newsletter to achieve higher visibility and attract more contributions and members to the TCSIM community.
I look forward to working with you to make the TCSIM the leading technical community in the area of simulation.