Request a Certificate for a Best Paper or Best Presentation for Conference Contributors

Conference Organizers and TC Chairs (or their designates) may use the Computer Society Awards online nomination tool to request "Best Paper", "Best Poster", or "Best Presentation" certificates in recognition of these special conference contributors. While there is currently not a specific "Best __" Certificate in the online tool, the following modified process is recommended.

1) Log in using your CS Web Account at the Awards Nomination Page.

2) Scroll down to the Service Awards, and under Certificate of Appreciation, click Nominate to start the process.

3) The first screen is for the nominee's name and contact information. Once this is entered, the system will walk you through the remaining process (including adding multiple nominees, if desired).

4) To specify this as a "Best __" certificate, please follow these instructions below:

Under the "Answer Nomination Questions" portion of the nomination page:

  • CITATION:  Enter "Best Paper Award" and name of the paper, such as, "As Author / Co-Author of "NAME OF PAPER/PRESENTATION".
  • MULTIPLE NOMINEES:  List each person's name as it should appear on the certificate on separate rows (example SCREENSHOT); if you have over 5, you may upload a spreadsheet with award information and names.
  • WHO WILL SIGN THE CERTIFICATE: List up to 3 names (first and last) & their titles can sign.
  • METHOD OF SIGNATURE: Indicate whether it will be personalized or signed electronically on behalf of signator. You may also include a JPEG or GIF file of signatures.
  • PRESENTATION DATE: Indicate the date of presentation or the due date by which you will require the certificate.

  • ANY QUESTIONS: Contact Henry Buchheit, who prints and coordinates shipping of the certificates, by email: