CMU Software Engineering Institute, USA
Grace Lewis is a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in the Research, Technology and Systems Solutions (RTSS) program. Her current interests and projects are in service-oriented architecture (SOA), cloud computing, and context-aware mobile applications. Of particular interest is the work she is conducting with Mahadev Satyanarayanan from CMU on the application of cloudlets (dynamically-synthesized virtual machines running on low cost servers) to tactical systems characterized by constrained resources such as bandwidth, battery and computation power. Her latest publications include reports and articles on these subjects and a book in the SEI Software Engineering Series titled “Modernizing Legacy Systems”. Of particular mention is an article that she wrote for the Microsoft Architecture Journal titled “Is SOA Being Pushed Beyond Its Limits?” She is also a member of the technical faculty for the Master in Software Engineering program at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Grace holds a B.Sc. in Systems Engineering and an Executive MBA from Icesi University in Cali, Colombia; and a Master in Software Engineering from CMU. 
Grace is the co-organizer of an ICSE workshop now in its third edition called PESOS (Principles of Engineering Service-Oriented Systems) and an ICSM co-located event now in its fourth edition called MESOCA (Maintenance and Evolution of Service-Oriented and Cloud-Based Systems). She currently serves on the CMU Master of Software Engineering Executive Committee, the CMU School of Computer Science Alumni Advisory Board. Also, she participates in program committees of conferences in software architecture, SOA and Cloud Computing. Finally, she keeps a close relationship with Colombia, a country that she lived in for several years, and works with organizations to educate software engineers in this country.
I am honored to be considered a candidate to be a member at large of the IEEE Technical Council of Software Engineering (TCSE). One of the goals of TCSE is to advance the state of the software engineering research and practice and I would like to be a part of this goal by:
1.       Playing an active role not only in supporting the existing topical sub-committees but in identifying and creating links to new and promising areas of research. For TCSE it is important to stay connected to these new areas and to bring in active junior researchers that will continue the work in these areas as they build their careers.
2.       Taking advantage of my close relationship with industry, academia and the military to help organize and promote events that showcase important advances in software engineering in these three communities and create opportunities for synergy between them.
3.       Finally, as a more personal goal, creating stronger links between TCSE and Latin America, a community full of vibrant and enthusiastic researchers that simply do not have the resources that other countries have.