Massimiliano Di Penta –
University of Sannio, Italy
Massimiliano Di Penta is assistant professor at the University of Sannio, Department of Engineering, Italy. He received his laurea degree in Computer Engineering in 1999 and his PhD in Computer Engineering in 2003. His research interests include software maintenance and evolution, reverse engineering, empirical software engineering, search-based software engineering, and service-centric software engineering. He is author of over 140 papers that have appeared in international journals, conferences and workshops. He has received best paper awards in IEEE conferences such as ICSM 2010, CSMR 2010, and MSR 2007, and best reviewer awards at ICSM 2005 and ICPC 2007.
He is steering committee chair of the IEEE International Conference on Program Comprehension (ICPC), and steering committee member of the IEEE Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation (SCAM), of the Working Conference on Reverse Engineering (WCRE), of the European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering (CSMR), of the International Workshop on Principles of Software Evolution (IWPSE), and of the International Symposium on Search-Based Software Engineering (SSBSE).
He will be program co-chair of the 28th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM 2012) and of the 9th Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR 2011). He has been general co-chair of WCRE 2008, SSBSE 2010, and general chair of SCAM 2010 and WSE 2008. He has been program co-chair of SSBSE 2008, WCRE 2006 and 2007, IWPSE 2007, WSE 2007, SCAM 2006, STEP 2005, as well as organizer of other workshops. He has served on the organizing and program committees of several conferences and workshops such as ICSE, ASE, ICSM, ICPC, CSMR, SCAM, WCRE and others.
He is on the editorial board of the Empirical Software Engineering Journal (EMSE) edited by Springer and of the Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution: Research and Practice (JSME) edited by Wiley. He is member of IEEE, IEEE Computer Society and of the ACM. Further information can be found at:


My research activity is entirely devoted to perform software engineering research based on solid, empirical grounds. Despite the increasing maturity of empirical research in software engineering, if we look at other disciplines such as medicine and social sciences, there is still a lot to be done. I would therefore strongly promote empirical research in software engineering, with the aim of further increasing the maturity of the field and to favor the adoption in industry of novel software engineering solutions.

I am very honored to be nominated for a TCSE Executive Committee Member-at-large position. If, elected, my effort will go towards the following directions:
  1. Increase the visibility and impact of TCSE in Europe: as European member, I would like to increase the impact of the TCSE community to software engineering in Europe. In particular, I would like to increase the influence of TCSE and of software engineering research in building undergraduate and graduate software engineering curricula.
  2. Increase the cooperation between academia and open source development communities: considering the increasing adoption of open source solutions for end users, as well as the very large use of open source data in research work, I do believe it would be a great opportunity to involve open source communities in software engineering conferences in various forms (e.g., through exhibits, demos, student research contexts), and increase the exchange of ideas, feedbacks and insights between these communities and software engineering scientists.
  3. Favor and promote in any form the participation of students to TCSE events: for example by promoting student contexts and research activities involving worldwide distributed students, and ensuring that all events will provide means to facilitate students participation, ranging from grants for students coming from specific areas of the world, to student volunteer activities.
  4. Promote excellence in research: nowadays the competition and research production is continuously increasing, as well as the availability of publishing venues. I will do my very best to promote initiatives aimed at ensuring that TCSE venues will publish research work of excellent quality and will be considered as the top venues for software engineering researchers.