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Growth of membership & programs

T&C VP, and Committee Chairs: Technical ActivitiesConference Advisory, and Technical Meeting Review



·IEEE Governance

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Reuse Copyrighted Material, & 
Policy on Electronic Dissemination of Collected Works

· Computer Society Bylaws  


· Computer Society Policies and Procedures  


· Technical and Conference Activities (T&C) Board Handbook

TAC Chair

· Technical Meeting Handbook

CAC Chair, TMRC Chair

 TC Membership Reports

Using SAMIEEE to pull Membership List

· TC Annual Report to Membership

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· TC Newsletter


· TC Budget Request Form


· Meetings for CS and TC and Conf. Steering Committees

Board of Governors Meeting Calendar

Successful TCs (Walz slides)


· TAC news (TAC minutes available in File Library)

TAC Chair

· TC Web portal suggested pages

·        Liferay Web portal instructions

·        Exemplary Web portal

· Network with other leaders

T&C Board and TC Chair Directory (available upon request)

· Thesaurus/Ontology

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