Appendix VIII - TC/Council/Task Force Budget Request

Technical Committee/Council/Task Force:
Technical Committee/Council/Task Force Budget Request for (year):
Is this an amendment to an already approved budget?
Date Submitted:

TC Chair to attend T&C meeting during May/June BOG week
TC sponsorship for Conference Chair(s) to attend POCO
TC Executive Committee meeting(s)
Other TC travel
TC-sponsored student travel awards

TC Operating Expenses
TC Executive Committee meeting(s) (non-travel; room rental, etc.)
TC Membership meeting/reception
TC Executive Committee telephone/teleconference costs
TC Member correspondence
TC bulletin/newsletter
TC advertising
TC Web page
TC Mailing list

TC-sponsored student awards (non-travel)
TC-sponsored volunteer awards
TC-sponsored best paper awards
TC-sponsored contests
TC-sponsored conference chair/volunteer awards

New Initiatives