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CS Services Available to Standards Volunteers

  • Annual Report -- Report of standards accomplishments for the year and projections for the upcoming year; contact information for standards volunteers; project descriptions; and meeting schedules.
  • Awards -- The Computer Society offers several awards for achievement and service, and certificates of appreciation. Nomination forms are available from the Computer Society for major awards, which are reviewed and approved by an Awards Committee, and signed by the Society president. Standards groups can also give "Board level" awards, presented and signed by the leader of their working group or Committee.
  • Conference Services -- Assistance with technical meetings, workshops and symposiums; handbook for conference organizers.
  • Publications and Computer Magazine -- Books, proceedings, tutorials, videotapes, and standards are for sale and listed in the Computer Society publications catalog. Computer magazine is available for meeting announcements and other notices, and for standards articles of interest.
  • Cost Center Reports -- Quarterly income and expense reports for committees and workgroups that maintain their account at the CS..
  • Database/List Maintenance -- A database of committee and workgroup members; mailing labels; membership rosters; lists for coordinating balloting by the IEEE Standards office.
  • Document Distribution -- Duplication of meeting minutes, working documents, and diskettes; distribution to mailing lists.
  • Draft Standards -- Library of draft documents for distribution to the standards community (for purchase); historical record of standards drafts.
  • Email Lists -- ListProc list serving software for creating email lists, and assigning an owner to configure the list and subscribers via email messages to listproc@computer.org. Email group lists already exist to connect all Standards Board members, and all working group chairs.
  • Publicity/Press Releases -- To improve the visibility of IEEE Computer Society standards activities, the CS staff can distribute working group press releases for publication in various industry and general interest publications.
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