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Winding Down

T-minus one hour before this day ends....for me. Advertising staff will be here through the end of the show tomorrow. As always with RSA, I found the experience enlightening--so many people come up with different takes on our products and services. Nearly all of them are pleased with us, but not nearly enough know who we actually are/what we do. I personally enjoy getting to see authors, editors, and other volunteers face to face after our sometimes lengthy email-based relationships. I also love to hear about what else we should be covering, what's hot/new, and the what constitutes the general buzz in the air. Sure, show attendance is seemingly down from last year, but our audience--both current and future--isn't. As I'm in the midst of typing this, we're selling subs, potential authors are pitching me stories/ideas, and PR folks are glomming onto the ad staff for future marketing opportunities. Gunnar probably put it best by saying security will be the last thing to go in an IT shop--it's the last wall between you and whoever wants your stuff. Fortunately for us, the defenders (and probably the attackers) very much want to be connected with us.

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