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Why We Fight

It seems like such a no-brainer for all of us who work for the CS, but it bears repeating: we put out the most authentic, high-level, high-quality material currently available on the market. I just had someone come by to talk to me about our publications and why he should read one. Before starting in on my spiel, he picked up a copy, flipped through it, and exclaimed, "Hey--I don't see any fluffy advertorial/marketing speak!" Exactly. Our material is peer-reviewed, and the authors (for S&P at least) are the people you see listed in the program as expert panelists. It's gratifying to see at a show like this that our publication is the exact perfect fit--all of our content matches up with the sessions highlighted each day. Most of our authors and department editors are floating through these halls (fortunately, they help spread the good word that we exist). With the economy the way it is, it's easy to justify cutting costs left, right, and center, but a core group of people out there are still willing to pay for what we've got. In fact, they value it waaaaaaaaay more than the stuff they can get for free.

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