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Random Musings, Post Lunch

Ignore the time stamp--I'm in a whole different timezone, apparently. Just had a nice talk with Gunnar Peterson, one of our star department editors. He's doing a panel discussion shortly; check out his blog for details about what, exactly: Gunnar's one of those great volunteers who regularly flogs the magazine and why everyone should read it. He regularly tells students and clients to just unsubscribe to everything else they read and grab S&P instead--other pubs offer 90% noise and vaguely worded advertorials, and he says we can quote him on that. We probably will! Gunnar also noted that traffic at the show is down by roughly 25% in his estimation, but that security spending seems up. Oh, and if you're one of those who tracks this sort of thing, the word "hyphy" seems to have jumped the shark--Blondie's pizza now sells hyphy slices, so maybe we should all move on.

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