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You haven't seen a paranoid person until you've seen a security guy/gal in action. The conference organizers are seriously flogging the fact that you can rent a Flip camera and go around videotaping anything you like, but I know from experience that NOBODY here wants to be taped about anything, even their opinions about being an IEEE Computer Society member for the past 20 years. I've seen a few fake names--at least I *hope* they're fake--and lots of weirdness about Web searching, badge scanning, and turning on cell phones/PDAs, not to mention giving up a credit card number to buy a magazine or other product. I can't judge, though--I'm working on "lap loaner 09" instead of my own machine, a "clean" cell phone, and a coworker's email account. A booth visitor tells me it's way worse at BlackHat and Defcon (you can't even turn on a cell phone with 100 feet of the building before it's sniffed and someone's trying to hack it), but still. I'd imagine that sort of mindset gets to you after a while. That said, I hope I win the Smart Car--it's worth some spam.

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