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Panel, Done!

All kinds of hard work just came to fruition: we've officially finished our work on the special Gary McGraw-moderated, S&P-sponsored panel on surveillance and the reception that immediately followed. By all accounts, both the attendees and the panelists enjoyed the experience. Turn out wasn't as high as in the past, but we think we might know why: turns out the door personnel turned away anyone who hadn't purchased a full conference pass (for previous panels, anyone with a badge--no matter what designation--could attend). We aren't sure why, but we'll investigate why/how that happened. The panelists themselves were fairly blase about it, noting that if you talk about rootkits or other "bad guy" behavior, you'll get 300 people to show up, but if you talk about how your personal information is at risk from consumer groups or the government, and nobody seems all that bothered by it. Regardless, the people who *did* attend very much enjoyed it, and Gary has moved on to his next level of promotion (he made sure to prominently feature the magazine's logo on all the slides and talked the publication up at every opportunity). He'll be speaking with journalists from the Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronical, CNet, etc. over the next few hours and plans to heavily promote both the magazine and his own work. Every little bit counts!

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