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Bright and Early

When you have an infant, getting up "early" really isn't a problem--the show doesn't open officially until 11 am, so I'm enjoying a coffee and some French twists on American 60s pop songs while I gather my thoughts for the day ahead. I was able to walk around the show floor last night right before closing, and it's a lot bigger than I thought based on foot traffic by our booth. Talking to staffers, the general consensus  is that the show *is* smaller, but it's always tough to tell on the first day. The other interesting thing I learned is how well-known our own Kathy Clark-Fisher is. Total strangers know her name and seemingly know the magazine. Some of them weren't even subscribes, which was intriguing and should fuel most of my discussions with people at the booth later today. Yesterday was a scorcher here in SF, but today should be back to normal...maybe that'll help with traffic, too!

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