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Draft BoG MTG Schedule 149.2k 14 No Download (149.2k)
Working_Group_Procedure_in_Developing_the_P3333.1.1_Draf_modiKJK_1.pdf 91.1k 40 No Download (91.1k)
Presentation_on_P3333_and_Specifics_on_P3333.1.1.pdf 1,118.0k 43 No Download (1,118.0k)
Some background on Transportation group
546.3k 57 No Download (546.3k)
Revised statement of goals and objectives for SAB review/motion.
696.8k 86 No Download (696.8k)
Added reports received by 9:48 am
35.7k 85 No Download (35.7k)
S2ESC Sponsor Report.docx 14.6k 71 No Download (14.6k)
SAB_Vitality_June-2014.ppt 391.0k 33 No Download (391.0k)
IEEE 802 LAN report to the CS SAB 03JUN2014 rev01.pdf 90.7k 55 No Download (90.7k)
IEEE CCSC SAB Report June 2014 Seattle.pptx 1,054.8k 88 No Download (1,054.8k)
Including documentation of Nikolich request and Moore response
779.1k 96 No Download (779.1k)
SAB-SecretaryReport-June-2014.pptx 112.0k 73 No Download (112.0k)
IEEE LTSC Report.docx 136.1k 79 No Download (136.1k)
CS-PASC SAB Sponsor Progress Report (June 2014).pptx 103.4k 61 No Download (103.4k)
ieee-sc7_liaison-1406.pptx 185.0k 87 No Download (185.0k)
VSSC Progress Report, 2014.pdf 140.3k 58 No Download (140.3k)
20140603 SISO SAC SAB Sponsor Progress Report Jun 2014 REV1.pdf
Version 2
120.1k 62 No Download (120.1k)
SAB Special Project Report June 2014.pptx
Version 2
213.2k 110 No Download (213.2k)
MSC Report June 2014.pptx
Version 2
196.3k 101 No Download (196.3k)
Intro to Join.Me Web Conferencing Tool.pptx 583.9k 90 No Download (583.9k)
Showing 1 - 20 of 1,197 results.
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