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EmailBallot_Apr2014_802Chair.pdf 308.4k 1 No Download (308.4k)
Including documentation of Nikolich request and Moore response
778.9k 6 No Download (778.9k)
IEEE-SASB(NesCom)_P3333.1.1 & 1,241.7k 2 No Download (1,241.7k)
2014 Expense Report Instruct.xlsx 36.5k 14 No Download (36.5k)
With Jim's comments addressed
44.1k 31 No Download (44.1k)
SAB P&P Committee Feb 2014.pptx 101.8k 26 No Download (101.8k)
108.6k 23 No Download (108.6k)
FINAL_Minutes_from_CS_SAB_Nov2013_V2.pdf 331.3k 10 No Download (331.3k)
FINAL_Minutes_from_CS_SAB_July2013_V2DW.pdf 490.3k 13 No Download (490.3k)
FINAL_Minutes_from_CS_SAB_June2013_V2.pdf 522.4k 25 No Download (522.4k)
Final after the meeting
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Attendance-Feb2014_final.pdf 346.5k 19 No Download (346.5k)
Updated version
109.2k 33 No Download (109.2k)
Remaining reports now linked in...
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SAB Chair Remarks-1402-D1.pptx 7,110.5k 24 No Download (7,110.5k)
Updated to include all observers in SAB2014 reflector.
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SAB-Vice-Chair-Report-Feb-2014.pptx 97.8k 36 No Download (97.8k)
SAB Special Projects Report February 2014.pptx 94.1k 32 No Download (94.1k)
1402-SAB for Agenda Book.docx 32.2k 24 No Download (32.2k)
Fixed links
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Showing 1 - 20 of 1,168 results.
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