Authors and Affiliations

For the optional magazines, on an article's first page, list the authors in the order in which they appeared on the original accepted paper's first page. (If no names appeared there, use the order of the author bios, if there are any. Otherwise, contact the authors.) If authors listed next to each other share an affiliation, group them together. If authors share an affiliation but aren't listed next to each other, don't group them together. For example, note the first and third lines of this list:

Khairi Reda and Alessandro Febretti, University of Illinois at Chicago

Aaron Knoll, University of Texas at Austin

Jillian Aurisano, Jason Leigh, and Andrew Johnson, University of Illinois at Chicago

Michael E. Papka and Mark Hereld, Argonne National Laboratory

The author order on the first page and in the bios should be the same.

Normally, each author should have only one affiliation on the article's first page—usually, the affiliation at which the research occurred. (You can list other affiliations in the bio.) If the affiliation is an institute or organization associated primarily with a university, use just the university name as the affiliation. However, in IEEE Software, you can list Software Engineering Institute as the affiliation without listing Carnegie Mellon University.

The author's name on the first page takes the "AUTHOR" tag; the name in the author bio takes the "vita name" tag. The affiliation on the first page takes the "AUTHOR AFFILIATION" tag (a paragraph tag) if it's on a separate line from the author name or the "author affiliation" tag (a character tag) if it's on the same line. The affiliation in the bio takes the "vita affiliation" tag. The tagged affiliation in the bio should match the tagged affiliation on the first page. However, after an affiliation first appears in a bio, you can abbreviate subsequent instances of that affiliation (in that or any following bio) to save space. In this case, the abbreviation should appear in parentheses after the first instance of the affiliation.

If an author must have more than one affiliation on the first page or if the tagged text on the first page and in the bio must differ, inform Monette Velasco or Jennie Zhu-Mai before the issue ships.