The IEEE owns the copyright for material published by the IEEE Computer Society. Authors must sign the IEEE copyright form, available online along with detailed information about IEEE intellectual property rights at
Authors should not include a copyright notice of their own in published articles or department submissions. Authors transfer copyright to the IEEE as part of the publication agreement. Staff members do not need to complete a copyright agreement because its terms are part of the general conditions of their employment.

Each feature article carries a notice of IEEE ownership of copyright at the bottom of the first page. The two acceptable versions (with the symbol and with text) of the standard format are

•    © 2013 IEEE
•    Copyright 2013 by IEEE

Address questions regarding copyright issues to:

IEEE Intellectual Property Rights Office
IEEE Service Center
445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ 08854-1331
Phone: +1 732 562 3966; Fax: +1 732 981 8062


We do not include the trademark symbol in articles published in IEEE Computer Society periodicals and proceedings. Trademark law does not apply to the press because using a product name in the headline or text of an article does not constitute an attempt to capitalize on the reputation of the company or the product.

US Government Work

When an author is (or all authors are) employed by the US government, the following wording is used instead of the IEEE copyright line: "US Government Work Not Protected by US Copyright." The CCC code must not appear with the above notice. Other useful information can be found at the IEEE Intellectual Property Rights website:

Image Permissions

If an image has been published elsewhere, the author must obtain permission from the publisher or the creator of the image for the IEEE Computer Society to reproduce it in the publication's print and electronic versions. Obtaining permission and paying any fees the publisher requires are the author's responsibility. If permission isn't obtained, the figure should not be used in the article.