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The following information provides a brief overview of the process involved in publishing your book with the IEEE Computer Society Press.

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Submitting the proposal

The first step in publishing a book with the IEEE Computer Society Press is having a good idea and writing it down. To make sure that your book idea appears in the best possible light, and to optimize the marketing plan for the book, we ask that you make your proposal using this proposal form.

A proposal form that is thoroughly filled out and that convincingly explains why this book idea is important and how it fits with our publishing mission will be sure to get a quick response. You can find more information on proposing a book here.

Please send the completed proposal form and a short letter of introduction to:
Kate Guillemette

Product Development Editor, CS Press
IEEE Computer Society
10662 Los Vaqueros Circle
Los Alamitos, California 90720
E-mail: kguillemette at computer dot org
(E-mail is preferred.)

Review process

If the CS Press volunteers and core staff agree that your proposed book would be a good fit with the CS publishing program in terms of subject matter, timeliness, quality, importance, and reach, the proposal will be sent out to the leadership of the Press Operating Committee and at least two experts in the discipline being addressed. Following favorable review of the proposal's content by both the Computer Society and Wiley, CS Press will send a letter of agreement outlining the terms and deadlines under which both parties agree to perform.

The next step is to submit a complete manuscript draft for content review. CS Press will supervise and evaluate reviews of your manuscript and make informed recommendations for revision of the project. This process takes four to six weeks, depending on the length of the manuscript. You will receive copies of the reviewers' suggestions and you will need to make corrections and address any issues that have arisen before submitting the final manuscript.

Manuscript preparation

Upon acceptance of your final draft, you will need to provide an electronic file of both the draft manuscript and the final accepted manuscript. These files should be accompanied by a text file, identifying the program name, version number, and the computer platform on which your electronic manuscript files were prepared. A file naming nomenclature will be provided by CS Press. Save each chapter of the manuscript in a separate file. Also save each graphic as a separate file. (Graphics need to at least 300dpi, preferably jpeg or tiff formats.) In addition, you will need to provide a clean hard-copy printout of the draft manuscript and of the final accepted manuscript, double-spaced, on 8 1/2" x 11" (or metric size A4) sheets.

Production and printing

An assigned CS Press editor will work with you throughout the production phases of copy editing, page proofs, alterations, and printing. The entire production process, from receipt of final manuscript through preparation of camera-ready copy, usually takes approximately six months, followed by printing and binding, which add six to eight weeks to the process.

Copyright and permissions

Permission to use any material that is not an author's original work must be obtained by the author. This includes newspaper or magazine articles; music lyrics; poetry (more than two lines); illustrations, charts, and figures; any text passage that is more than five percent of an entire work; any complete work, no matter how short; and the author's own original work if previously published.


The IEEE Computer Society Press is committed to paying competitive royalties based on sales of your work. Royalty rates are negotiated based on your experience as an author, the caliber of your material, and the sales potential of your work.

Further questions

Here is a printer-friendly version of our publication process.

Any questions not answered in these guidelines can be directed to:

Kate Guillemette
Product Development Editor, CS Press
IEEE Computer Society
10662 Los Vaqueros Circle
Los Alamitos, California 90720
Phone: +1 714.816.2169
E-mail: kguillemette at computer dot org


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