Videogame Pitch Game Event Scheduled at Westwood College

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 7 August 2012 – Westwood College will be hosting its Fourth Annual 4th Annual Video Game Pitch Competition at its Anaheim, California, location on Saturday, 18 August from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

The event is being held to allow videogame developers to pitch their game ideas and to help promote University of California Irvine's Second Annual Intercollegiate Computer Game Showcase next April. For more information, visit:

Last April, Chapman University, California State University Fullerton, and University of California Irvine held the inaugural Intercollegiate Computer Game Showcase, an outreach program created by the IEEE Game Engineers Special Interest Group Academic Consortium to attract the next generation of software engineers.

Game professors and industry leaders selected 10 top teams from among the 36 teams of 1-16 students from 10 local universities and colleges that submitted game demos. The event attracted recruiters from Blizzard, Disney, Google, Microsoft, Obsidian, SpaceX, Sony, and Western Digital and featured a exploratorium to give the audience an opportunity to play the Top 10 games.

The winners were: first place (Axle) Chapman; second place (XING) Chapman; third (Massteroid - Honorable Mention) UCI; Best Space Game (Quaternion) Chapman; Best Educational Game (Q-Bitz) UCI; and Best Windows Phone Game (A Ruff Day) Fullerton. To view the two-hour competition showcase; visit

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