IEEE Computer Society Launches the First Interdisciplinary Conference on Internet Operating Systems

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 25 November, 2011 -- The IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Semantic Computing is working with other professional societies to sponsor an interdisciplinary conference on Internet operating systems. Phillip Sheu, committee chair said, “We expect this conference to initiate important research for computer science as a whole.”

Believed to be the largest conference of its kind hosted by the IEEE Computer Society, the IOS conference will be held 21-23 March at the Hyatt Regency in Irvine, California. Authors are invited to submit papers by November 27. For more information, visit

“This is our first conference on Internet operating systems. We will continue this series and believe more colleagues will join us next year,” said Sheu, an electrical engineering and computer science professor at University of California Irvine’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering.

The effort is in keeping with the Technical and Conference Activities Board initiative to promote interdisciplinary activities between computer science and other disciplines.

Analogous to a desktop operating system, an IOS brings together computational technologies that let users manage Internet resources (including documents, devices, and applications). Unlike a desktop operating system, however, an IOS involves millions of people and requires technologies that can stimulate the generation of content from a wide spectrum of human activities including personal, professional, cultural, social, and many others.

Interdisciplinary in nature (and intra-disciplinary within computer science), the ultimate success of IOS requires that new, synergized technologies be developed from various disciplines such as computer science, social sciences, engineering, physical sciences, medicine, law, business, and humanities. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
* Modeling and Realization of Human Activities with the Internet
* Search Engine and Question Answering
* Service Discovery and Composition
* Internet Resource Management
* Internet Activity Management
* Internet of Things
* Internet Device Management
* Human-Computer Interface
* Architecture of Internet OS
* Engineering and Tools for Application Development
* Communication Technologies
* Embedded Systems and Real-time Applications
* Privacy and Security
* Semantic Web and Internet Operating Systems

The Computer Society supports more than three dozen Technical Committees dedicated to particular computing specialties. Computer Society TCs organize conferences, disseminate technical news, and sponsor awards and contests as well as other technical activities. For more information, visit

About the IEEE Computer Society

With nearly 85,000 members, the IEEE Computer Society is the world’s leading organization of computing professionals. Founded in 1946, and the largest of the 38 societies of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Computer Society is dedicated to advancing the theory and application of computer and information-processing technology, and is known globally for its computing standards activities. For more information, go to

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