Nomination Deadline Approaching for Hans Karlsson Award

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 21 September, 2011 – Know someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the development or promotion of computing standards? Consider nominating them for the Hans Karlsson Standards Award.

Established in 1992 in memory of Hans Karlsson, chairman and father of the IEEE 1301 family of standards, the Karlsson is one of the Computer Society’s highest honors. The award recognizes outstanding skills and dedication to diplomacy, team facilitation, and joint achievement, in the development or promotion of standards in the computer industry where individual aspirations, corporate competition, and organizational rivalry could otherwise be counter to the benefit of society.

The deadline for submitting nominations is 15 October. To make a nomination, visit

Communication engineer Arthur W. Astrin, whose innovations and efforts contributed to the birth and development of the Wi-Fi industry, was the 2011 recipient of the Hans Karlsson award.

Astrin received the award “for leadership and diplomatic skills applied to LAN/MAN wireless personal area network standards; mediating rivalry of competing corporate entities and personal aspirations by promoting the value of IEEE wireless standards-based approaches.”

James W. Moore, CSDP, received the Hans Karlsson Award in 2009 “for charting the road maps and leading the harmonization of IEEE and ISO systems and software engineering standards.” Moore is 2011 IEEE Division V Director-Elect. He served as an executive editor of the Society’s 2004 Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK), and was a member of the editorial board of the recent revision of “The Encyclopedia of Software Engineering.”

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