Silver Bullet Interviews Former White House Cyber Security Czar on Cyber War and Technical Reality: Two Security Experts Cut Through the Hype to Describe Software Security Risk

DULLES, Va., and LOS ALAMITOS, Ca., June 1, 2010—Cigital, Inc., a leading software security consulting firm, together with IEEE Security & Privacy magazine, announced the release of the 50th episode of The Silver Bullet Security Podcast with Gary McGraw, featuring Richard Clarke, an internationally recognized expert on national security, counterterrorism, and cyber security. During the podcast, Cigital’s CTO, Gary McGraw, Ph.D., interviewed Clarke on cyber war threats, their importance, possible consequences, and steps to take to prevent cyber war.
Throughout the podcast, Clarke details US susceptibility to a cyber war attack, taking examples from his book Cyber War. McGraw and Clarke discuss why we should change the emerging cyber command from offense to defense, especially since the US depends more on cyber infrastructure than its potential enemies—including North Korea and Iran.
Clarke notes that of the three things that make cyber war possible, the most important may be the flaws in software and hardware. “Most security professionals understand the importance of building security in to software and hardware as it is being created. Without appropriate software security, we end up with vulnerabilities that will make cyber war an unfortunate reality,” said Dr. McGraw. Clarke and McGraw discuss a particular instance of this risk as instantiated in the US smart grid initiative. They also discuss cyber war disarmament.
The interview is available as an episode of The Silver Bullet Security Podcast with Gary McGraw, in its usual audio format and also as high definition video. The Silver Bullet Security podcast series includes 50 in-depth interviews of security gurus, including Bruce Schneier, Avi Rubin, Ed Felten, Marcus Ranum, and Ross Anderson.
To listen to the full podcast, see or or subscribe on iTunes. The podcast series is co-sponsored by Cigital and IEEE Security & Privacy magazine, where a portion of this interview will appear in print.
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