New ReadyNote on IT Security Published by CS Press

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 18 May 2009 – As projects’ dependence on networking and the Internet grows greater than ever, enterprises need to minimize the risk to their business operations by protecting their online presence through a practical enterprise-wide security program. To help warn of the latest threats to an organization’s defenses and propose a flexible and effective structure for a security program, the IEEE Computer Society has released A Practical Guide to Enterprise Cyber Security by Simon Liu as part of its growing collection of ReadyNotes.

In this ReadyNote, Liu concisely describes various attacks and vulnerabilities and proposes a multi-layered defense so that operations can respond to security breaches and maintain regulatory compliance. Liu is the Director of Information Systems at the US National Library of Medicine and the Associate Editor-in-Chief of IT Professional magazine.

Detailing the industry definitions of online security threats, motivation, attack patterns, and countermeasures faced in a general computing environment, A Practical Guide to Enterprise Cyber Security is a quick-start reference for those new to the security business or managing a security program. The list price per download is $19.

ReadyNotes is a series of tutorials from the IEEE Computer Society, focusing on hands-on advice for practicing software developers, chip designers, computing researchers, and students. Falling somewhere between academic papers and full books in length, these tutorials are periodically upgraded and available only in PDF form, from

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