Isaak Begins Term as 2010 President

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 31 December, 2009 – Incoming IEEE Computer Society 2010 President James D. Isaak is emphasizing member engagement in his upcoming term.

As a new path for engagement, instant communities will be launched in the first quarter of 2010. Computer Society members will be able to create new communities, and any individual with an IEEE Web account (membership not required) will be able to join the interaction.

The communities are intended to encourage technical discussions with other professionals. Isaak said he envisions them forming around technical tracks at conferences, standards use, papers in publications, emerging technology, precollege contests, policy issues, grant opportunities, and the business of coordinating chapter, student, conference, and other activities.

In his incoming message in the January issue of Computer magazine, Isaak said he views the Computer Society’s main business as helping members access the right resources and technical information, supporting members in their careers, and facilitating relationships with like-minded professionals that offer opportunities for mentoring and collaboration.

He pointed out that in order to receive those benefits, however, members need to be engaged. Local sections and chapters provide the most immediate chance to become involved. IEEE sections provide a venue for interacting with a wide range of technical professionals. “In today’s world of complex integrated systems, collaborating across these boundaries can be the key to the next big thing, from the smart grid to robotics,” he said.

Participating in technical committees or conferences, serving as a publication peer reviewers or authors, or volunteering for standards working groups, accreditation visits, or certification activities provide other avenues for becoming engaged. In today’s working environment, where fewer companies provide leadership training, participation in Computer Society activities can demonstrate the leadership skills often needed to advance.

Links to engagement opportunities can be find at the President’s Corner. Additional information can be viewed at the President’s blog.

Isaak, a current Computer Society Board of Governors member and an IEEE Board of Directors member between 2003 and 2005, campaigned on a platform of providing timely, quality technical information, attracting the next generation of technologists, phasing out financial dependence on subscriptions, and fully leveraging the Computer Society’s relationship with IEEE. He is retired after thirty years in industry and six in academia.

About the Computer Society

With nearly 85,000 members, the IEEE Computer Society is the world’s leading organization of computing professionals. Founded in 1946, and the largest of the 39 societies of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Computer Society is dedicated to advancing the theory and application of computer and information-processing technology, and is known globally for its computing standards activities.

The Computer Society serves the information and career-development needs of today’s computing researchers and practitioners with technical journals, magazines, conferences, books, conference publications, and online courses. Its Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP) program for mid-career professionals and Certified Software Development Associate (CSDA) credential for recent college graduates confirm the skill and knowledge of those working in the field. The CS Digital Library (CSDL) is an excellent research tool, containing more than 250,000 articles from 1,600 conference proceedings and 26 CS periodicals going back to 1988. 

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