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A quick overview of the multimedia content from both Computer and IEEE Software magazines shows the endless possibilites that IEEE Computer Society multimedia affords. 

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Where Your Tech Focus Should Be in 2015

If you want to hit the ground running in 2015 then you need to know where your tech focus should be. Here are the top 10 areas the IEEE Computer Society believes will be important over the coming year. Read more

Nasscom Certifies New Courseware for IT Skills

Indian software industry's representative body Nasscom has certified the courseware developed by IEEE Computer Society to provide ready workforce for the IT and IT-enabled services sector. Read more

IEEE Computer Society Partners with Nasscom for Skill Development

IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council Nasscom has approved and certified the alignment of curricula, developed by IEEE Computer Society, towards five industry identified job roles. Read more

IEEE Cybersecurity Initiative Names Shannon as Chair

IEEE has named Dr. Greg Shannon as chair of the IEEE Cybersecurity Initiative. A senior member of IEEE and chief scientist for the CERT Division at the SEI, Shannon has experience working with government, industry and academia to find solutions to combat cyber threats. Read more

Greg Shannon named chairman of IEEE Cybersecurity Initiative

Greg Shannon was recently named chairman of the IEEE Cybersecurity Initiative. Shannon has worked with government officials, industry leaders and academics to combat cyber threats during his career as chief scientist for the CERT Division at SEI. Read more

10 Recommendations for Avoiding Software Security Design Flaws

The new IEEE Center for Secure Design (CSD) recently released a report of the top 10 most widely and frequently occurring software security design flaws and recommendations for how to avoid them. Read more

IEEE Computer Society President-elect Tom Conte talks about the Technology Time Machine and the future of processing. Read more


Which Technologies Will Dominate in 2022?

wiredIEEE Computer Society President Dejan Milojicic talks about the CS 2022 report, which surveys 23 potential technologies that could change the landscape of computer science and industry by the year 2022. The report, which can be viewed at, represents contributions from  more than a dozen technology leaders. Read more

IEEE Center for Secure Design wants tech industry to stop 'doing dumb stuff'

Software is riddled with ‘dumb' design flaws that undermine security and the IEEE and a clutch of big tech firms including Google, Twitter, HP, Intel and several universities have to decided launch a new organisation to do something about it. Read more

Top Cybersecurity Advice from the Rock Stars

IEEE Computer Society is bringing together security experts from leading organizations such as IBM, the Department of Homeland Security, BAE, VISA, Cigital and HP at a one-of-a-kind event, Rock Stars of Cybersecurity, in Austin, TX, on September 24, 2014, to discuss real-world case histories and provide authoritative, actionable advice and strategies. Read more

Guiding Companies to Effective Cybersecurity Practices, the Rock Star Way

Cigital CTO Gary McGraw understands that software developers have other things on their minds. McGraw is one of the leaders driving software security to help developers ensure that security is built into the products they create. McGraw, a speaker at the upcoming IEEE Computer Society Rock Stars of Cybersecurity conference Sept 24 in Austin, Texas, is one of the authors of BSIMM, Building Security in Maturity Model. Read more

VICE magazineIEEE Computer Society members Dennis Frailey and Phil Laplante speak to VICE magazine about the importance of software engineering licensing. Read more


Converging Mobile and Cloud with a Rock Star Edge

Kit Colbert, CTO, end-user computing at VMWare and speaker at the IEEE Computer Society-sponsored Rock Stars of Mobile Cloud, May 6 in Boston, argues that IT can deliver on user expectations of a no-comprise experience across desktop and mobile devices by adopting a mobility-management paradigm across all devices -- even desktops. Read more 

Heartbleed May Affect BYOD Devices

IEEE Security & Privacy Associate Editor in Chief Jeremy Epstein is interviewed by Mobility Hub on how Heartbleed affects BYOD devices. Read more

Expect Everything (And Everyone) To Communicate

Communications networks are everywhere, and everyone and everything can access them easily, from people in remote locations to the most mundane household appliances. Read more   

Internet of Things in Reach

From meat thermometers monitored with a smartphone to Wi-Fi-equipped dog collars, devices and services in homes and businesses are increasingly being connected to the Internet, a long-awaited trend that is causing a surge of optimism in the tech sector. Read more

With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility

Amidst the optimism at the Rock Stars of Big Data symposium at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, there were also stark warnings about the dark side of the new technology. Read more

Computer Programmer Among Jobs With Big Pay Raises

Don Shafer, IEEE Computer Society Vice President of Professional Activities, talked to CNN Money about why computer programmer is among the job titles with the largest pay raises in the past 30 years. Read more

Companies Grapple With Big Data Challenges

Baseline magazineExecutives must build a strategy and framework that plugs into the "velocity of analysis and the velocity of actions" required in today's world, says Josh Greenbaum, principal at Enterprise Applications Consulting and author of IEEE's "Computing Now" blog. Read more