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Second-Major Revision

There is no rule against a second major revision as such; however, we strongly advise against it since the authors were already given specific instructions in the past and did not fulfill the requirements. If a major overhaul is required to the current version of the paper before it can be considered for the journal, we suggest closing the current file and recommending rejection. This will give the authors an unlimited amount of time to thoroughly revise their paper and resubmit it as new.

A recommendation of "Resubmit" is available. Editors may recommend that the author resubmit the paper as new as an alternative to asking for a second major revision. If you wish, we can instruct the authors to request the same Editor be assigned to their new paper, increasing the chances of an expedited review.

Overall, this procedure will help avoid damaging the magazine's submission to publication time, which is one of the foundations of its highly regarded reputation.


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