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Readers have increasingly less time to read, so long articles written in a passive style seldom hold their interest. We prefer the use of active verbs and straightforward, declarative sentences. Articles should be comprehensible to professionals with considerable expertise in a specific area, but little knowledge of IT technologies outside their area. Our target readers generally have a college degree, but it may be in an area other than engineering or computer science.

Manuscript Requirements

Style & Specs

The best articles tell the reader why they should read (what topic or problem you're addressing and why that topic or problem  is important to them) in the first three or four paragraphs. Good conclusions generally highlight future work or issues rather than summarize the article.

To fit articles in six magazine pages, we will need about 4,200 words, with no more than 20 references, and minimum three illustrations (with each accounting for 300 words in the total word count).

We work in Microsoft Word, but do not provide any particular style sheet. Our fail-safe format, however, is ASCII text.

For each author, please include a short (50- to 100-word) biography that includes title and company, professional affiliation, and project experience.

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Our artists will redraw all line drawings so they conform to house style and the requirements of our printing process. We also publish screen shots; please submit the electronic version (we have worked with .eps, Sun PS, tiff, .pcx, MacPaint, pict, .bmp, or .img). You may submit photographs in tiff or jpeg formats.

Submission and Review

IT Pro accepts only electronic submissions in the following formats: MS Word (.doc), ASCII or plain text (.txt), Postscript (.ps), and PDF. Include all figures, tables and a copyright form.

How to Submit

The IEEE Computer Society now employs a secure, Web-based manuscript submission and peer-review tracking system. Authors who wish to submit to IT Professional must use Manuscript Central to upload their submissions to this all-electronic system. The first-time user must create a new account. The site provides detailed instructions on usage. 

We believe that Manuscript Central will be an efficient tool that will significantly reduce the time required for the peer review process. For more information, please see our submission guidelines and requirements located in the Author Center.


Contact Information

Please submit any questions to:
IEEE Computer Society
10662 Los Vaqueros Circle
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

voice (714) 821-8380
fax (714) 821-4010

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