Magazine Department Guidelines

One of the core features differentiating the IEEE Computer Society's magazine offerings from its transactions is the inclusion of department pieces in each of the former. Generally speaking, magazine departments are shorter, "breezier," and aimed at all readers, not just specialists. Links to more detailed guidelines about submitting text for consideration in a particular magazine's department section appear below.


Computing in Science & Engineering (CiSE)
CiSE's departments offer an easier, shorter introduction to high-level computational topics ranging from computer simulations to scientific visualizations.



IEEE Annals of the History of Computing (Annals)
Annals' departments provides insights into the people behind the technologies as well as coverage about events, book reviews, and opinion pieces about the history of computing.



IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (CGA)
CG&A's departments complement the magazine's in-depth theme and feature articles with briefer looks at current theory, noteworthy trends, and cutting-edge applications related to computer graphics.



IEEE Intelligent Systems (IS)
Focusing on AI's impact in various areas, IS's departments offer accessible articles featuring trends in industry, government, sustainability, and human-computer interaction.



IEEE Internet Computing (IC)
IC publishes departments on the latest developments and key trends in Internet technologies such as mobile computing, big data, security, standards, cloud computing, and large-scale workflows.



IEEE Pervasive Computing (Pervasive)
Covering the latest developments in smartphones, mobile health, conferences, and ubiquitous computing, Pervasive's departments highlight current and future innovations in an informative and approachable manner.


Security and Privacy

IEEE Security & Privacy (S&P)
IEEE Security & Privacy's departments keep you informed on all aspects of security, privacy, compliance, emerging trends, and industry voices.