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Stephen J. Mellor

Moderator: Sandy Friedenthal

Stephen J. Mellor is an independent teacher and consultant focused on methods for the construction of real-time and embedded systems. He is the author of "Structured Development for Real-Time Systems, Object Lifecycles, Executable UML, and MDA Distilled." He is also a signatory to the Agile Manifesto. Until recently, he was Chief Scientist of the Embedded Software Division at Mentor Graphics, and founder and president of Project Technology, Inc., before its acquisition. He participates in multiple UML/modeling related activities at the Object Management Group, and was a member of the OMG's Architecture Board, which is the final technical gateway for all OMG standards. Mellor was the Chairman of the Advisory Board to IEEE Software for 10 years and a two-time Guest Editor of the magazine, most recently for an issue on Model-Driven Development. He is also adjunct professor at the Australian National University in Canberra, ACT, Australia.

Agile Model-Driven Development

"Agile" and "Model-Driven Development" do not often appear in the same sentence. Among several important ideas, agility promotes the notion that testing a running system is better than building descriptions of them. With the addition of actions to UML, models can be executed, and many of the principles of agility can be applied to executable models. Will there be any discussion on refactoring and continuous integration and the impact on model-driven development? It seems implied, but as an agile practitioner it would be good have it discussed explicitly and noted in the abstract.
This webinar describes the construction of executable UML models and translation rules that map models onto multiple platforms and implementations. We also show how this process is inherently agile, and parallel to boot. 

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