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Grady Booch

Moderator: Valerie Underwood - LM Fellow

Grady is recognized internationally for his innovative work in software architecture, software engineering, and collaborative development environments. A renowned visionary, he has devoted his life's work to improving the art and the science of software development. Grady served as Chief Scientist of Rational Software Corporation since its founding in 1981 and through its acquisition by IBM in 2003. He now is part of the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center serving as Chief Scientist for Software Engineering, where he continues his work on the Handbook of Software Architecture but also leads various software engineering projects that are beyond the constraints of immediate product horizons. Grady continues to engage with real customers working on very real problems and is working to build deep relationships with academia and other research organizations around the world. Grady is one of the original authors of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and was also one of the original developers of several of Rational's products. Grady has served as architect and architectural mentor for numerous complex software-intensive systems around the world in just about every domain imaginable


From Vision to Execution

A number of factors separate the vision of system from its manifestation in software and hardware; some of these factors are fundamental (such as the limits of the speed of light) while others are human (such as those imposed by moral or ethical considerations). Most organizations struggle with the factors that are at the cusp of the technical and the social, the limits of design and the limits of organization. This presentation will examine the factors that separate vision and execution, and the processes and best practices we've seen that attend to these factors. We'll emphasize the role of architecture, architectural patterns, the architect, and organizational patterns, and we'll also examine issues of the engineering of software-intensive systems, which involves an intricate dance between the software- and hardware-related design decisions that must be made interdependently.



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