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Indian Tablet Initiative Stalls

The Indian government’s initiative to provide the nation’s students with a low-cost tablet computer may be shuttered if the manufacturer fails to meet a 31 March deadline. The Aakash/The Sky Project was offering US$35 tablets as an alternative technology for students who could not afford technologies such as the iPad. The manufacturer has reportedly only shipped 17,000 devices to date. Government officials set the deadline after numerous delays and production problems. In light of these problems, the final price is set to be double the original cost. (SlashDot)(ZDNet India)

Toys R Us Launching Kiddie Tablet Computer

US toy retailing behemoth Toys R Us announced Monday that it will launch a tablet  aimed at the children’s market in time for the holiday season. The store branded Tabeo will be released 21 October at a price of roughly $150. The Android-based device will reportedly be a 7-inch touchscreen tablet with Wi-Fi and 4 GB of flash memory that will have 50 different applications pre-installed, including the games Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. Competition within this niche includes LeapFrog Enterprises’ LeapPad and VTech’s InnoTab. (Associated Press)(Reuters)

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