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Server Farms Can be More Sustainable

New research claims server farms can be made more sustainable through a combination of using clean energy, modern equipment and locating data farms in cooler climates. The report -- by Stanford University, Northwestern University and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory researchers – claims these moves could make these facilities
88 percent more sustainable. Using current IT equipment alone, could reduce server farm greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent, according to the researchers. Another 8 percent reduction could be possible if these facilities were in cooler locations, requiring less energy. Another significant problem, according to the study, are so-called zombie servers, hardware that stays on and uses energy, but is not being used for computational tasks. The findings were published earlier this summer in the journal Nature Climate Change. (The Guardian)(Nature Climate Change)

New Database System Eliminates Bottlenecks

A query engine tool developed by Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne scientists eliminates bottlenecks within server farms by making database query processing operations 100 to 10,000 times faster. With the researchers’ DBToaster, users are able to create a custom query engine that is specifically tailored for the application and supports only the functions needed. Traditional databases use a series of successive packets when a query is made. The data in each field of the query is sorted in succession until the query is complete. This requires a great deal of temporary storage, which is often inadequate and slows down the system. With DBToaster, the various operators are compiled into a single operator, which means the system no longer has to use a series of packets to complete a query, thus eliminating processing bottlenecks. Financial institutions are most interested in the technology for real-time analytics used for tasks such as automated trading or regulatory compliance, according to the researchers, who have made DBToaster available online for free at http://www.dbtoaster.org/  . (PhysOrg)(EPFL)(DBToaster)

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