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Popular Android Applications Contain Security Flaws

Researchers from the University of California, Davis, discovered security flaws in roughly 120,000 free applications for the Android smartphone, including several popular texting, messaging, and microblogging programs. These vulnerabilities could be exploited by malware that could then allow the hackers to access users’ private information or post fraudulent messages using social media. The UC Davis researchers found developers of these applications didn’t secure parts of the code. In the WeChat service, for example, they were able to malicious code to turn off the WeChat background service such that a user would think the service is continuing to work when it is not. They have notified the developers concerning the flaws they found.(EurekAlert)(University of California Davis)

Security Flaws Discovered in Telstra Broadband Routers

A consultant has found a flaw in a line of broadband routers from the telecommunications company Telstra that could let hackers access supposedly secure networks.  Italian-based security consultant Roberto Paleari  found usernames and passwords hardcoded in the routers, which hackers could use to access the device’s administrative console and the local network.  Paleari reported the flaw to Telstra and to SC Magazine, which didn’t report the issue until Telstra and vendor Netcomm, which sold Telstra its routers, developed and fully tested a firmware fix. (SlashDot)(SC Magazine)

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