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Engineers: Proteins Could Be Used in Circuits

Researchers have identified the electrical properties of proteins that could enable the substances to be used for switching, indicating they could be used in circuits or electronic devices. The scientists in the University of Salento’s Department of Engineering for Innovation were studying these properties, an emerging discipline which they call proteotronics, in the protein known as OR-17, a receptor protein in rats. Previous research had determined proteins could be used as switches, so they created a model to describe the protein’s characteristics that enabled them to identify various properties computationally. With the ability to accurately model and predict OR-17’s electronic behavior, including its impedance, the engineers say, they could use it as a component in various devices. Being able to reliably model the behavior of the protein means it can be used as a reliable component in systems such as a circuit, they say. They published their work—“Proteotronics: Electronic Devices Based On Proteins”—online at arXiv. (SlashDot)(The Physics arXiv Blog)(“Proteotronics: Electronic Devices Based On Proteins”)

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